1992 Mazda MX5 Hard-Top 1.6 petrol


Absolutely Stunning!


Absolutely nothing, the engine gets a little tap from the hydraulic lifters, however this is because I haven't had it tuned for quite some time now. Running Ultimate premium unleaded solved this, as well as replacing my spark plugs and oil to a semi-synthetic 15-40w. Some times the drivers window is a little squeaky, this was conquered with some graphite dust I bought from the local parts store.

General Comments:

Wow, this car has blown my mind. Not only does it have some awesome acceleration from stand, it has a beautiful share of torque ranging from 2000rpm through 5500rpm. You can really feel the double over head cam kick in around 3500rpm.

When I first acquired the vehicle, an oily rag would power this awesome piece of motoring history from one end of the city to the next. Now that I have neglected her and not kept up with her tuning schedule, it takes the one to get there and one for the trip back. This car is so economical. You will know when you buy one. Buy one!

Running MX5's on premium unleaded is the only way to go, having such a high compression ratio. This also reduces the amount of carbon left behind in the engine and oil, giving you even better fuel economy (if that's possible) and a lot freer revving acceleration curve.

Ride height is good standard, however, if you are like me and have a passion for taking corners like a go-kart, then stiffening the suspension and lowering your ride height bye an inch or two may leave you gasping for dear life. These things are like they are on rails, I'm telling you. I get a rush everytime I sit in her.

The cabin is a little cramped at first if you are not used to cock-pit style interiors, or over 6 feet tall. The factory seats are comfortable, however Mazda really needed to make them with adjustable back rests. Good all the same though. Everything is easily accessible and easy to use inside and out. The manual soft top roof is easy and tight, I have never had one drop of water in my car. Still trying to figure out how to adjust the side mirrors though.

These cars were built to excite and that's exactly what they do. I've driven in 2004 Ford XR6's, Turbo Supra and Nissan Performance cars and still nothing compares to the thrills and spills this little beast has given me. Five star Roadster, five star Sports car. Get one! You will not regret it.

These are now a classic vehicle, in which the value of these cars will not depreciate any time soon. value for money all the way around.

My tip: Go for one with low K's and receipts. Hard-tops are also ideal for security and weather protection, as well as the 3 thousand dollar replacement cost, so buying one with this option is a good idea.

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Review Date: 18th April, 2005

1992 Mazda MX5 V-Spec 1.6


Why buy a motorcycle?


Original Panasonic glass mat battery failed and was replaced with a standard Exide. The holding rods had to be extended slightly, but this saved $300.

One front door speaker has blown due to rotten foam and the CD won't play at first due to internal condensation. switching the radio on for a few minutes first overcomes this.

Suffers from the baulky first to second change of early cars, but this is normal.

Stainless steel sill plates fret the paintwork at the edges due to body flex.

Easily touched-up, so not a big problem.

General Comments:

Fabulous 4 wheel motorcycle which is not fast, but torquey and handles like a go-kart. Tons of room (for 2) and it's amazing what you can get in the boot if you are careful about packing.

An interesting fact: If you are well over 6 feet tall like me, go for the V-spec cars. I can't fit in the standard models because of low headroom, but the thinner leather seats make all the difference!

Most service parts available at the local discount shop, so cheap to run.

Not economical, but who cares?

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Review Date: 1st August, 2003