1994 Mazda Protege BA 1.8 D.O.H.C. petrol


Love this car, but wish it had the 2.0L turbo


ECU burnt out at about 135,000 due to a short at the alternator.

Original tappet cover gasket started to leak into the spark plug well at about 140,000.

General Comments:

I bought this car from a little old lady (gospel truth) who in 8 years had only put on 40,000 kms. I've just added another 100,000 to it and it's still going strong.

I put in a K&N panel filter for a bit better breathing, and a larger pipe for the CAI. Got it moving a bit better too.

About 10,000k's ago I felt that the shockers weren't really working so great, so I replaced them, and while at it I put in lowered King coils. This lowered it about 50mm, and it hugs in nice in the corners now.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2009