1975 Mazda RX3 super deluxe 12A Extend turbo


The sickest car that never was!


The car was beautiful, but the mechanic wasn't.

General Comments:

This car would have to be in the top ten for coupes in Australia.

Full original Mazda savanna front, rear and badges.

17 inch polished Simmons.

Full Recaro/momo interior.

Alcon calipers front and rear.

12A extend, Haltech, huge front mount intercooler, alloy radiator, custom throttle body and Trust roller bearing turbo.

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Review Date: 8th April, 2003

14th Dec 2005, 10:56


26th Apr 2006, 19:41

I'm planning on buying a RX3, my mates have all talked me into it. I don't know that much about rotary motors (I'm a chick), I was wondering if anyone could help me with the difference between 12a and 13b, I know 13b is better, but what is the power difference and gas mileage like. I have decided not to buy a WRX and go for a old school car.

27th Apr 2006, 12:55

If you don't know much about motors I would not advise getting any sort of 30 year old car!

28th Apr 2006, 10:04

Everything I've read, including reviews of the current RX-8, seems to indicate that any rotary engine is NOT a good engine for anyone not familiar with mechanics. A WRX is a more conventional engine and will give you less trouble, especially given it is upwards of 30 years younger depending on model you buy.

Mazda did not continually pursue rotary technology in every model for a reason.