S-Class 420 SEL 4.2 V8

The car that started it all off

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S-Class 560 SEL 5.6L petrol

Very, very impressive for a car of its age - but never again!

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S-Class 300SEL 3.0 petrol six

A magnificent cruiser with real pedigree

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S-Class 500SE 5.0L V8

Get the 5.0 lt in SE or 560 in the SEL; otherwise the 420SE/SEL is a good compromise

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S-Class 560SEC 5.6L V8

Shaking all over

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S-Class W126 420SEL 4.2 petrol V8

The best sedan I have ever owned excellent

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S-Class 420 SEL

Only for those that can afford the constant repair bills

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