1989 Mitsubishi Colt GLX 1.6


She has personality


When I first got my Colt, we got on the road for cheap...

The first day of driving the Colt, her back axle stuffed up and needed repair... this was actually surprisingly cheap... it only cost $400...I've had my left CV joints fixed, and her brake drums and petrol pump...

I still have some small work to get done.

General Comments:

I love my Colt. I call her Mitzi or my red rocket... she gets up and goes, and hits 110km and wants more speed!

I plan to take her off the road and clean her up...

She is red now, but when I'm done plum... I'm planning on looking into giving the engine more power... turbo... pump her to a 1.8.

To anyone thinking of buying one, I'd say do it; the car has personality, it's cheap to run and has enough power when you need it...

The Colt is cheap to buy; if you look around I only paid $750, and to me you she's worth loads more.

My 1989 Colt is a beast, and I highly recommend the model to anyone looking for a small sedan.

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Review Date: 26th December, 2008

22nd Nov 2010, 02:47

I just purchased a 1989 GL RE for a grand and I love it. It has 112000km on the clock and just needed new shocks and front brake pads. No rust and all interior is original (even the radio).

She can crack more than a ton on the freeway (did 135kmh) but a bit jittery.