1985 Mitsubishi L300 express 2 L petrol


Very roomy economical transport


Well bloke I got if off, had it parked in the sun for 18 months and all the fuel system dried out. So every perishable part has perished, fuel pump diaphragm, all the carburettor diaphragms and O rings.

The seats had virtually disappeared, and the brake rubbers had perished.

General Comments:

Absolutely heaps of room. Very Tardis like inside, and my dog thinks its great!

Very very smooth with the balance shafts.

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Review Date: 13th July, 2005

1984 Mitsubishi L300 Starwagon 2.0 litre


A stylish piece of junk


Engine blew.

Everything on interior has started to wear.

Lots of rust in the roof.

Mold on the ceiling due to leaks.

Replaced the steering arm twice.

Replaced ball joints.

Replaced the suspension.

Replaced the gearbox.

Replaced the manifold.

Replaced the exhaust pipe multiple times.

Replaced the radiator.

Replaced the sunroof.

Tape deck is broken.

General Comments:

If it's a mechanical part - I've probably replaced it.

I love my Starwagon, it's served me well over the years, but it has also cost me about 3 times the amount I paid for it. I swore when the engine blew 6 weeks after I bought it that I'd never buy Mitsubishi again.

I was designed around the time the A-Team was in full swing and so is not short on style, but that's about all. I was initially very impressed by the sound system, which allows each passenger to listen with headphones to the radio or tape deck. It also had a microphone jack, this all broke about 4 years ago.

I, obviously, know nothing about cars, but now I know enough to tell someone only buy this one if you have a mechanic in the family.

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Review Date: 1st July, 2004

10th Feb 2006, 06:24

I bought one in August, 2005. It had a 12 month old motor (with receipts), no fifth gear, and bit of rust. I had an earlier model with a good gearbox, but not much else, so was able to swap them over. It also has LPG and power steering as well as air-con that is beyond economic repair.

It drove beautifully and was a big hit with some of my friends. Drove it from Sydney to Melbourne and back, camping in it for two weeks. No problem, all good.

If I had replaced the old radiator hoses a bit sooner - before one burst - it wouldn't have fried the motor and cracked the head!

Ah, well, I'll get it running again, but the relationship has soured a bit. Such is life with old vehicles. And I still love it.

6th Nov 2007, 16:17

My `84 Starwagon has been the most reliable beast yet. Sure I have rebuilt the motor, Iknew it was due after 250oooKms. THe best thing I did was to cut off those stupid Balance shafts and fit Ford 121 slots with light truck tires. Being an auto it is not very fuel efficient, but I am happy the way she drives. All in all she is one of the most reliable I have owned yet.