1989 Mitsubishi Magna reviews from Australia and New Zealand

Magna GLX 2.6 EFI

Overall, a very well balanced, ever reliable vehicle

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Magna SE 2.6 EFI

Comfortable and reliable if looked after

320 words

Magna 2.6 Astron EFI

Hats off to Aussie engineers!

156 words

Magna SE 2.5 EFI

92 words, 2 comments

Magna Executive 2.6 Multi ECI

Poor quality, family sized car, but it is cheap

234 words, 1 comment

Magna GLX 2.8

Cheap and bland

175 words

Magna Elite 2.6 petrol

Excellent, but a little conservative

88 words, 1 comment

Magna GLX 2.6 litre petrol

I still like Magnas, but I don't think they last as long as some other cars

128 words, 3 comments

Magna GLX 2.6 petrol


42 words

Magna 2.6 liter petrol

Reliable but has little power

84 words, 4 comments

Magna GLX 2.6 MPi 4 cyl

Good all round sophistication

68 words