Magna Executive 2.6 litre

Really awesome first car :-)

116 words

Magna SE 2.6L 4 cylinder

Reliable, Cheap, Not a Ferrari.

189 words

Magna TR sedan 2.6 EFI

Good honest reliable family workhorse

283 words, 8 comments

Magna Elite 2.6 Litre 4 cylinder

Nice car, shame about the gearbox

183 words

Magna GLX 2.4

Comfortable, easy to drive, looks fairly undated, no performance whatsoever.

145 words

Magna TR 2.6L EFI

Waste of time/energy and should of bought a commodore

42 words, 3 comments

Magna TR Executive 2.6 4 cylinder EFI

Bloody beautiful, mate!

400 words, 5 comments

Magna SE 2.6

An absolute lemon. Scared me away from Mitsubishi for life

256 words

Magna TR Elite 2.6i

A well appointed car lacking an power

79 words

Magna Executive 2.6 4 cylinder petrol

A very reliable, economical, comfortable car

86 words, 4 comments