Magna Executive 6g72 3.0lt V6

Sedate enough that your grandma approves of it, with enough power to destroy more sporty cars

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Magna TF 3.0 V6

Very quiet and great to drive

37 words

Magna TF Executive 3.0L V6

One of the most overlooked family cars for long term reliable transport

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Magna TF Wagon 3.0L petrol

Best value large wagon

183 words

Magna TF 3.0 Litre EFI V6

Quiet, Powerful and Smooth Cruiser

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Magna Executive V6 3.0

A responsive family car that combines comfort with performance

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Magna Executive petrol

Cheap car, but could be better on fuel

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Magna Advance 3.0 Litre 24 valve SOHC V6

Silent... but violent

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