Magna Ralliart 3.5L

Excellant car, would get it again

265 words

Magna LX 3.5

Good motor, no regrets

78 words

Magna Ralliart TJ Aspirated V6

Best sports car under $10k, sadly no contest

276 words

Magna Ralliart 3.5 V6 petrol

Very good performance car at a great price

85 words

Magna Executive 3.5L

Wouldn't buy another one of these!

85 words, 2 comments

Magna TJ 3.5

Good value, but small problems need to be sorted out.

281 words, 34 comments

Magna TJ 3.5 petrol

A true performance car that isn't a WRX, Commodore or Falcon

106 words, 8 comments

Magna VRX 3.5L V6

A nice looking lemon

94 words, 2 comments

Magna Ralliart Edition 3.5 petrol

Great performance and quality for money

181 words, 7 comments

Magna VR-X 3.5 V6

Truly a high performance sedan

86 words, 3 comments