1985 Mitsubishi Mirage GLX 1.3 DOHC turbo


Never underestimate the power of Mitsubishi


The other day some electrical coil blew up so I had to replace it with a new one. The car started, but after one second the car cut out. It was cheap to fix.

I did crash the car last year, but I have replaced the dented panels and head lights.

General Comments:

The fastest 1300 I've driven.

I have got the car up to 180 kilometers per hour. This was downhill though and the wind coming from the rear.

It doesn't handle too well around the corners. The 155 millimeter tyres wouldn't help too much.

I have dragged quite a few cars. People underestimate the power of the 1300 DOHC turbo. I have dragged a 1985 Toyota GT Corolla, a 1989 FX-ZX Corolla, 1990 XL Toyota Corolla, 1983 Lancer EX. Close race with the XL Corolla.

I am looking at buying a 1988 FX-GT Corolla

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Review Date: 7th April, 2003

29th Aug 2007, 14:05

1988? It's 2007, get with the times! I remember the ol 1985-1988 Mirage Turbo's well, almost bought one. Now you never see them on the road (or for sale online anywhere). What happened?