1989 Mitsubishi Pajero Super Wagon 3.0 V6 petrol


"Old Faithful!"


Sunroof - Leaking and surrounding corroded when purchased, covered with duct tape.

Leaking engine oil - Tappet cover gaskets, crank end oil seal - not repaired, just regular topping up once a week.

Starter motor - Failed due to contamination from leaking engine oil.

Air conditioner - serviced after purchase and refilled with R134a. Cooled to 1.8C at the evaporator cooler!

Rear axle oil leak - Left side oil seal leaking when purchased, fixed when rear brakes were replaced.

Gear box - slight noise when driving, cured by changing oil and adding trans treatment.

Clutch hydraulics leaking - Master and slave cylinders replaced.

Front steering stabilizer link bushes - replaced.

Replaced air filter, HT leads, spark plugs, engine oil and filter as general maintenance after purchase, plus front brake pads.

Rear speakers needed replacing.

Front CV outer boots replaced.

General Comments:

My first 4X4, was impressed by high quality of engineering and manufacture, was tight as a drum even at its age & mileage. No wonder Mitsubishi won the Paris-Dakar rally so many times that they lost count!

Best seating position of any car by a mile. Excellent all round visibility. Comfortable suspension, and the front seats are great at soaking up bumps.

All replacements and failures can be attributed to general maintenance, old age/mileage or lack of maintenance by previous owners.

Converted to Dual-Fuel LPG after purchase. Ran like a dream at half the cost of petrol. Fitted an upper cylinder lubrication kit.

Most importantly, the impeccable bullet-proof reliability made me such Pajero fan that I upgraded to a Gen 2 Pajero...

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Review Date: 7th April, 2013

1989 Mitsubishi Pajero Super Wagon 3.0L V6


Great mid size 4x4


My head has gone in it at 244000, understandable since the car is 19 yrs old, still drivable though.

Gearbox is knackered (2nd and 3rd syncros have gone), another age related problem, still drivable however.

Clutch and brake master cylinders are leaking, a fault not picked up by previous owners mechanic.

General Comments:

All in all a top mid size 4x4, chuck a lift kit and bigger wheels and you can go nearly anywhere.

Very comfortable ride, find one with the front free floating seats (suspension bases), they make for such a great ride.

Fuel economy is OK, I am running larger tyres, suspension lift, blown head and fairly heavy right foot, and I'm getting 14-15L/100ks for city driving. Air filter and O2 sensor need replacing, and should bring fuel consumption down as well.

I have fitted a 2.5" high-flow exhaust from the cat convertor back, it frees the engine up a little, sounds great and has helped fuel consumption ever so slightly.

Try and get one with the factory LSD diff, they are a great unit.

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Review Date: 9th October, 2008

1989 Mitsubishi Pajero NC 2.5 turbo diesel


It looks after me


The two main problems that have gone wrong with the Ole Pajero are the timing belt and the clutch:

-The timing belt went a few years ago, which is due to no fault of the old Pajero, but the fellas at the truck centre put the wrong one in, or it was on backwards or something. # hours waiting for RACV at 9:30PM.

-This year the clutch went, specifically the thrust plate and another part. I took it to the local truck centre where I live, and as I'm a P Plater, he suspected I had been out doing burnouts. As it was my dads car he rang him up and specifically told him I had been out dropping the clutch. When I got home and dad quizzed me about it, I said to him, Dad that car is a tractor, why would I do that to it, its not made for that. He agreed and no the clutch is fine again.

General Comments:

My parents have owned this car since I was 3 or 4 and I've grown up with some great memories in it. Its now mine and I drive it to uni and work. It's a part of our family. When ever we have friends around that we haven't seen in a while, they always ask us how the Old Pajero is going. We tell them its as strong as ever.

As far as speed goes, I guess my parents are glad I'm driving this car on my P's- With a bit of weight in the back, say, three of my mates, she struggles to get over 100km/h, but if I'm on my own it gets up to 120-130km/h when I over take, which is pushing it and I don't like to do that.

Fuel consumption I think is OK- I get around 10L/100Km, up to 13-14L/100km around town and stuff.

The Old bangers not the spring chicken it used to be, but I love it, I love every fault on it, its my friend and we look after each other.

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Review Date: 1st February, 2008

17th Feb 2008, 04:24

Nice to see some P platers who respects the royal art of loving cars :)