1992 Mitsubishi Pajero 3.5L


I love the heated seats; they're good for my back


My Pajero started missing when approaching 80k, so I got it serviced, and a month and a half later, hello it's back. The service cost $600.

I spoke to my wife who took it in for me to be serviced, she said "oh yeah, that's right, the mechanic said the sparklers need swapping!, changing or was it replacing? Hmm? something like that, I said to the mechanic, don't worry about it".

My reply was something like "ARE YOU FOR @#%$EN REAL?" My wife took my wallet from my pocket, took out my credit card, a peck on the cheek and spent $500 on crap I don't need, $300 on herself, and a 4 Litre pack of oil for me. I got used to sleeping in that spare room.

General Comments:

Can someone please help? My truck ran well when it ran well.

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Review Date: 14th September, 2007

1992 Mitsubishi Pajero GXL 2.5 turbo diesel


Great medium sized 4X4


Had engine oil leak from dipstick tube to cyl block union.

Required new rear shock absorbers.

Second seat row got stuck in one position (would not fold).

Rear door jammed shut lock failed.

Headlights are poor, have upgraded them so as night country driving is easier/ safer.

General Comments:

Car is a great medium sized 4X4 for the money paid. Loads of room for a growing family of four kids and two adults. As long as engine is driven to full potential (keep turbo working) acceleration and economy is pretty good for the class of car.

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Review Date: 19th April, 2002

3rd Jul 2006, 04:51

I have Pajero 1992. I heard that high sound in the engine, especially in the morning when I started it, but after 15 minutes the sound goes down. Please help?