2003 Nissan 350Z


Fuel gauge doesn't go all the way up when the tank is full.

Oil pressure gauge doesn't work.

There are 3 rattles in the center console, 2 rattles in the dash and both doors rattle. Sometimes some of the rattles stop for a while, but something is always rattling somewhere.

Exhaust muffler between the 2 pipes developed brown burn marks, which are visible and ugly.

The CD player keeps skipping.

Cup holder broke.

General Comments:

I've always loved the look of this car, so a year ago I decided I just had to buy one. Everyone was very impressed and it seemed to improve my social life.

Realistically though, the car is "stupid." It looks like a sports car, but really isn't. The power of the car is lacking and will always leave you wanting more. The car is very heavy and desperately needs a turbo. It can't keep up with modern V6 family cars. Housewives will beat you off the line. Seriously.

It goes around corners very well, when doing a U turn it is easy to kick the tail out and scare your passenger. The downside is that because the camber is pointing out so much, your tyres wear unevenly. The tyres cost about $600 each.

The engine is rock solid and I never had any mechanical problems. It's only the interior that is very cheap and full of glitches. The squeaks and rattles are well known, yet Nissan continue to construct it the same way, year after year.

The sound system isn't good. Very light speakers and inferior sound quality. The sub woofer is a joke. I wouldn't mind the light speakers if I thought Nissan were making a genuine effort to save weight, but clearly weight wasn't a concern when they were building the car.

I just sold the car for $10k less than I bought it for 12 months ago.

I regret buying it, though I did like impressing people with a fine looking car.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? No

Review Date: 3rd January, 2010