2000 Nissan Patrol ST 3.0


A brutish looking 4x4


Turbo breather pipe split at 149,000 km - $50 repair.

Brake pads front/rear at 140,000 km - $85 repair.

General Comments:

The biggest difference I see in the Patrol compared to the Pajero or Landcruiser is the harsh ride. The Patrol also is sluggish in the city, but handles very well out bush (which is what it is designed for). That said, it is nice to cruise around the city high up off the road.

The looks are pretty mean, and the interior is huge with lots of room for seven passengers. The air conditioner will blow you away, and driver's seat comfort is excellent for very tall drivers.

That said, I do have my concerns regarding engine longevity, as many Patrols around this era suddenly detonated, due to poor craftsmanship and shonky specifications for the oil level in the crankcase.

I have not made any modifications to my Patrol, as I figure it has gotten to 150,000 km without any issues so far. Cross my fingers on that one.

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Review Date: 2nd November, 2012

16th Dec 2012, 06:36

I bought a 2000 Nissan Patrol about 6 months ago. My first 4 wheel drive by the way. It's a petrol, 4 and a half litre auto with 345000 Ks on the clock, and I have just towed a 2 ton caravan 2300 ks from Sydney to the Gold Coast and back, and was very surprised not to have any problems at all, except for a heavy fuel bill. Heat gauge rose twice climbing on very hot days, but when we reached the top, it went down again to normal.

I drive very steady, and service the Patrol as required. Am thinking of upgrading to newer Patrol or may be keep this one? Don't know as yet? But would buy another Patrol for sure. Love the size and space also.

25th Mar 2013, 20:20

I am the original poster. One year later and the Patrol is still going strong with no extra repairs needed. I changed the oil from Castrol to Gulf Western Top Dog Diesel Oil, and I cannot believe the difference in power around city traffic, as this Patrol was originally sluggish. Perhaps it just needed better oil for compression. A fine vehicle.

2000 Nissan Patrol ST 3.0 turbo diesel


A good package of space, performance and economy, at an affordable price


A minor problem with the drivers seat moving, as a result of the height adjust feature.

Some dust entry through the rear barn doors - resolved by replacing the seals.

General Comments:

This car was bought for family touring and weekends away. It has fulfilled the intended function admirably. The car remains fairly easy to drive through town, and is extremely comfortable and spacious on trips through Australia.

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Review Date: 18th August, 2002

20th Nov 2009, 00:00

One of the best cars I have driven. Find it hard to get out of it. Lots of fun. A great family car.

2000 Nissan Patrol Wagon ST 3.0L turbo diesel


They are the best 4WD around at a reasonable price



General Comments:

The 3.0L is a power house. How many factory turbo diesel 4WDs can wheel spin in first and second through just power. No dumping of the clutch. They're brilliant, these would flog any petrol 4WD.

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Review Date: 7th May, 2001

18th Jun 2001, 19:46

Got one with about the same kms, also came from a 'Cruiser, love the Patrol's cheaper running costs, power on tap, highway cruising and range, and off-road ability. Also handy for towing my boat. Suspension is a tad soft, steering not so direct, but really this is just nit-picking. This is a car that I can imagine keeping for many years.

20th Jun 2005, 02:58

Hi guys hope you are right I'm thinking of buying one and have heard they are brilliant much better than the NH pajero just takes the fuel, but gives me no satisfaction.