Skyline Ti 3.0 NA

Totally bulletproof if maintained well! ;)

386 words

Skyline GX RB30 3.0L

Great first car to have fun in

240 words

Skyline R32 GTS-T Type-M 2.0L petrol turbo

Best "bang for buck" performance car you can get

256 words

Skyline GTS-T 2.0 twin cam turbo

Skyline beware

268 words, 1 comment

Skyline R32 GTS-t 2.0 turbo 6

A great city sports car with loads of potential if you can put up with some of the problems of age

154 words

Skyline GX 3.0 Litre

Better option than a vl commodore

96 words

Skyline GTE (R32) 2.0 Straight Six SOHC

I'll 'ave another thanks, speeding tickets an' all

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Skyline GTS SVD 3.0

A classic collectors item

130 words

Skyline Silhouette sedan

Luxury of the Ti, but with a few sporty bits chucked in

611 words, 2 comments

Skyline Executive 3.0 litre 6 Cylinder

A good overall 'sleeper'

146 words, 4 comments

Skyline GTS-t M Spec 2.0 turbo

Affordable version of a GT-R

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