X-Trail TI-L 2.5 petrol

Well thought out package

59 words

X-Trail ST-S 2.4 petrol

Highly recommend for couples or small family without expensive running costs

291 words, 1 comment

X-Trail ST-S 2.4 petrol

Great car, would recommend buy second hand, not new, and monitor service costs

144 words


X-Trail Ti-L 2.5 petrol

Practical, reliable, good for a soft roader, get the manual not the auto

120 words


X-Trail TI-L 2.5 petrol

A very reliable, versatile, and useful car

211 words

X-Trail ST 2.5 petrol

Great capable small 4x4

149 words

X-Trail ST petrol

Best medium 4 wheel drive

69 words


X-Trail TI 2.5 litre petrol

A surprise package, Try me

62 words


X-Trail Ti 2.2 petrol

Excellent value for money

36 words


X-Trail 2.0 petrol

Great car, expensive parts

59 words