1990 Opel Kadett GSi Superboss 2.0 16v


A physics defying, thirsty, landbound rocket


Terrible problem with factory extractor welds failing on the exhaust header; required repeated weldups.

Faulty ignition barrel, did not disengage starter motor sometimes.

General Comments:

Wow. Simply wow. What can I say? I knew the guy who owned this car before, and for some reason he sold it. A year later I saw it sitting at the back of a workshop of a chap I knew; I offered him money on the spot, and took it there and then.

The car features a C20XE engine with a Coscast head, Schrick cams lumpier than grannys porridge, a nice sequential EFI system, vented discs up front, solid on the back, factory adjustable damping Bilsteins, Recaro seats with leather trim, a mild but appealing factory body kit. It had a rechipped ECU courtesy of a past owner back in South Africa, its ancestral home.

The car had such a rough lumpy idle; it would sit there pulsing and shaking like a mad thing. Pop it in gear and lay on the gas, and it just gunned off the line. I am dead serious when I say few cars could beat it in the straight line, and absolutely nothing came close when it was about corners! This car had an exemption from the laws of physics.

Unfortunately it used vast amounts of petrol. It was solely responsible for the recent increases in petrol costs, sorry everyone.

I sold it back to the original owner after he got in touch with me - I was sad to see it go, but it was costing me a fortune, and I know how much he loved the car, so off it went! Still miss it heaps though!

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Review Date: 6th July, 2010