2002 Peugeot 607 Luxury Sedan 3.0L V6 petrol


It's now an enthusiasts car, who will forgive some erratic behaviors, and drive purely for pleasure


Noise due to the harmonic balancer (faulty when I bought it in 2009 at 63,000). Dealer repair.

Passenger sunvisor lights inoperable (faulty when I bought it at 63,000). Quoted $900 to replace with a new unit. Still faulty.

Electric window regulator front passenger. Repaired twice. At 90,000 with exchange unit and 102,000 with OEM replacement parts. Own repairs.

Wiring harness in boot lid effected rear brake and fog lights at 90,000. Auto electrician diagnosis and repair.

Also boot light at 90,000. Not yet repaired. "Possibly due to a micro-switch" I've been told.

Coils and plugs at 102,000 after alarms from pollution detection.

Alternator failed due to ingress of oil from an oil leak from cam covers gasket (dodgy mechanical work on timing belt by non-dealer after local dealer closed down. Not inherent product fault). At 103,000. Own repair with reconditioned alternator. Not an easy job if you are time-poor.

Awaiting replacement are the two upstream oxygen sensors. Diagnosed by dealer.

ABS/ESP alarms following wheel alignment by non-dealer mechanics at 91,000. Dealer needed to re-calibrate angle sensor in steering and redo wheel alignment.

Now that the alternator has been fixed, I expect the newly discovered second "services battery" will need attention. I suspect it is the original unit, so it's 10 years old already. Not bad for a lead-acid battery.

General Comments:

After owning a 504 for 20 years, and then test driving an early model 607, I was hooked. Couldn't afford the one on offer at the time, but a few years later in 2009, when depreciation of this 2002 model allowed me to offer less than $20,000, I had to own it.

For long distance cruising, it is exceptional. Solid, and loves the work over all terrains.

For carrying extra luggage, including wheel chairs and walking frames, it's a blessing.

I love the black body/cream leather combination. Not fussed about the grey interiors on other 607's.

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Review Date: 29th November, 2012