1990 Porsche 944 Turbo 2.5 turbo (chipped)


Get one


Cooling system - replaced radiator, holding tank and hoses etc.

Air-conditioning dropped gas twice.

Tiny worm-drives in sunroof broke.

Distributor rotor cracked in two, and gouged inside of distributor cap (car STILL ran at 6,000 rpm!!!).

Cruise control unit does not operate.

General Comments:

It is outside now, cooling down after a 200km hard run through the hills near Melbourne, Australia.

It is an awesome car, delivering around 270 hp (when chipped up) in a manageable, predictable handling package. Simply lovely.

The right tyres are essential for this car. I have recently fitted type 'r' rubber (basically street legal slicks) and I have a car beyond my wildest expectations. The 944 itself has a g-force coefficient of around 0.95 - that is, it won't let go until almost 1 g of lateral force. But with the slicks I believe that has jumped to well over 1 - I astound myself (and terrify my passengers) with the acceleration I can dial in the middle of corners.

Also, consider replacing the stock wheels. I am running wheels off a 993 911, and it gives me so much rubber to the road that I am seldom experiencing any tyre-spin. Don't buy this car to dump the clutch and do burnouts - it is not designed for that, and the results will disappoint you and punish your vehicle.

Finally, be prepared to spend money on it - one day it might suddenly need $2k - $5k in mechanics (but it is almost 20 years old!!). But you will have saved 6 times that by not buying a 911 anyway...

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Review Date: 1st April, 2009

1983 Porsche 944 Lux 2.5


Just love it - when it dies I will throw it out and be happy


Front brake rotors split and had to be replaced.

Shockies at 110k miles.

General Comments:

This car has been, and still is great to drive, OK almost all the quick (and not so quick) rice burners are quicker. But cover 400 miles and you want to turn around and go back - just for fun. (still 2007)

I did remove the drive belt for the balance shafts. Might have made the engine a bit lumpier, but it was lumpy to start with. Again I love this.

I love the low steering wheel and restricted leg room, which has often been cited as a fault. It also has no power steering.

Economic - oh yeah.

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Review Date: 10th October, 2007

1986 Porsche 944 2.7 petrol


An affordable classic!


Since I have owned the car, I have had nothing go wrong with it (touch wood!). I know the previous two New Zealand owners, and they have not reported anything major go wrong on the car either.

The only thing that did happen, indirectly, was a rat found its way into the car via the centre console and ate through the leather gear shifter. I had it re-upholstered very cheaply, and it looks better then new.

General Comments:

As far as handling of the vehicle is concerned, I can't add much more to what has already been said... It's phenomenal.

Some people have pointed out that the 944 should not be driven in snow or icy conditions, but I have found that its not a problem whatsoever with my particular car. I have good Dunlop rubber 16 x 8 and 16 x 7 rims. I have routinely driven in these conditions without incident. Naturally the normal precautions should be taken, and every good driver knows to drive to the conditions! If my car did happen to lose control, I would say that it would have happened what ever car I was driving.

The brakes are awesome, and 'brake fade' does not even rate to mention.

I find the seating arrangement to be very comfortable. I'm a medium build and 5'8". People always comment about the lack of a back seat, but I gently point out that I didn't buy the car for my friends to ride around in, I bought it for me.

It's not so quick off the mark, but once you get it rolling, you can really get it to boggie. The roads in New Zealand are not the best, but the lack of traffic on the numerous back roads with the endless curves makes the 944 a dream to drive.

My car is actually an import from California, and has been converted to right hand drive in New Zealand. There is no visible evidence that this car was born with the steering wheel on the other side. I had my reservations initially about purchasing this car because of this, but after weighing the pros and cons of the other 944s I had lined up, my one came out miles ahead. Remember that it's not a new car, and all of them will have many pluses and minuses to consider before making the purchase.

The cabin is a little noisy with annoying plastic squeaks, but there is hardly any wind noise. You can really notice the amount noise that's cut out when you open the door and hear the exhaust purring away.

There's nothing like the reassuring click-klunk of the solid engineering when the door is closed on the 944.

I have kept up with the maintenance record, and it's just like any other car to service. Basically the Porsche engineering is very good... if you look after it. Preventative maintenance is the key!

The 944 is not a dime a dozen in New Zealand, and they tend to hold their price. In some circumstances they actually gain a little. I paid $14,000 N. Z ($8,800 U.S) and spent another $1000 ($625 U.S) on polishing and repainting the Fuchs mag wheels.

If you live somewhere that you have the luxury of choice, I would recommend that you don't rush into it. Drive them, I mean take it for a good run, and look at its maintenance record. Also look at its current owner, is he an enthusiast, or is it just simply his every day driver?

Every day that I drive the car, it's a real pleasure. After I wash and polish it, and its sitting proudly on my drive, I'm constantly gawking out the window to admire it, (much to the displeasure of the girlfriend)... They don't understand!

I guess that if you're reading this, you're already doing you homework. I hope that if you're considering buying a 944, it will bring you the pleasure to own as it has done for me.

You can see my car on the following link.


Good luck and happy driving!

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Review Date: 22nd June, 2004

1985 Porsche 944 2.5 4 Cylinder


One of the nicest cars on the road still


Alternator rear housing

O2 sensor replaced

Clutch master cylinder

Oil leak.

General Comments:


Fantastic engine, with great mid range punch.

Amazingly fuel efficient (10L/100kms in daily driving).

Best handling car I've ever driven, keeps up with newer 911's around corners.

Perfect driving position.

Good luggage space.

Striking looks.


Needs to be maintained carefully and often.

Expensive parts and labour.

Insurance is expensive.

Only cruel people think of putting anyone in the back seats.

Need the turbo if you want "real" performance.

This car opened my eyes. Pre-944 I drove my car. After a few weeks of owning this car I started to love cars and Porsches. It inspired me to learn about cars, enjoy long drives, enjoy short drives, improve my driving skills and buy car books and magazines.

Overall, it's a fantastic car and is amazing to own. The engine has as much smooth revving power as most cars available today. However, if money is a concern I'd consider buying a cheap Japanese car or something similar, but this car has potential to cost a lot of money over several years. Choose carefully when buying, and get a decent pre purchase inspection.

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Review Date: 6th November, 2003