1995 Proton Wira Xli (I think) 1.6L EFI 16v


In surprisingly good order for an 8 year old vehicle


Number Plate lamps intermittent.

Appears to be a fault somewhere in the loom or possibly a bad ground. Still investigating.

Pressure washed the engine (I do this to all my cars when I get them). No leaks of oil or other fluids apparent and it started immediately despite a good soaking. However after it was parked after a short drive home, when restarted it was apparent that some water had penetrated something as it ran very rough and kept stalling. A 15 min drive at speed dried it out and restored normal operation.

Blaupunkt tape deck has a flutter problem despite a recent belt replacement.

Bonnet is a little low when supported by the stand, it's at *just* the right height to bash my head on. (I'm 5'11")

Vehicle seems engineered for 'shorter' people, my wife (5'2") finds it very comfortable and she doesn't need to put a cushion under her to see properly)

Easy to grate gears when shifting down until you get used to the 'feel' of the gearshift.

Gauges appear to have an intermittent fault, mechanically sensitive, probably a dry solder joint on the back of the cluster. A sharp tap on the cluster restores normal operation.

When it gets sufficiently annoying I'll pull the instrument cluster out and mend it.

Mechanic warned me to replace the cam belt if it was not done at 100,000 as failure will usually lead to engine damage.

Water leak in the boot. 5 minutes with a rubber mallet to the body where the seal contacts it fixed this. Apparently present since new as there is no evidence of accident damage.

General Comments:

Very pleasant to drive. Handling is predictable, turning circle is good.

Interior is comfortable and the heater and a/c work well.

Engine always easy to start and responsive. Quiet, no rattles or clatters.

Very well appointed interior, many items that I would class as 'luxury' such as the electric remote control on the exterior mirrors and the adjustable headlamp height.

Fuel economy is good, particularly on long trips, at around 40 miles per gallon at average speed around 100 - 110kmh or so. Bit hungrier around town, but this is consistent with most injected engines.

Finish of the vehicle, trim, carpets, door seals etc is very good, even at 8 years of age. Minor scratches and nicks in the paint, no evidence of rust visible anywhere.

Having read some rather negative comments on these I was pleasantly surprised by the condition of this car at 8 years old. Possibly the units exported to Australia have better components/quality control?

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003

27th Apr 2005, 18:02

I bought a second hand Wira 5 years ago and it is the best value for money car I have ever owned! never had a mechanical problem and is very fuel efficient.

10th Jun 2005, 22:16

I brought an new model wira without power window, center locking system and alarm system. as I know this are the common problem for Malaysian cars. I installed all this features at eccessories shop and it only cost me RM700.00.

No problem at all.

22nd Jun 2005, 14:57

I have Wira 1.3 year 1997. Significantly the engine (my car) underpowered, go slower drastically to take on any loop. Need to take gear 2 to avoid the car stall. Acceleration very slow and start shaky at 120km/hr. The engine 'eat' engine oil and the spark plug had to be change average 1 1/2 month.

13th Oct 2005, 02:37

Yes, export versions are better-controlled quality wise. And they are made from thicker panels too. Local versions use thinner panels and thus strengthening metal belts applied to the roof and door skin (inside). Unfortunately, the acidic adhesive use on the metal belts causes them to rust after some 4-5 years. If you live by the seaside, rust spots usually appear within 3 years.