1998 Rover - Austin 600 2.3 DOHC 14


Reliable, comfortable, powerful (sometimes to its detriment)


One of the electric windows stopped working while another works poorly. This seems to be a real Honda problem though, as I used to own an Accord with the same problem. I suspect the window motors may need oiling. Windows require more maintenance if you want to own one of these.

Mostly minor British eccentricities such as dashboard and armrest coming loose. Nothing rattles however. Mostly reflects age of the car.

Electric mirrors don't tuck in properly - one goes full circle while other makes grinding noise.

General Comments:

Very comfortable, hard-wearing leather interior. Beige colour really stands out. Lots of dead cow and fake tree make for real luxury. Bit noisy inside though.

Motor is deceptively powerful. Sounds pretty gutless when idling but has serious torque. Can get wheelspins on gravel - this is an auto! Engine is quite noisy though.

Very good alternative to an Accord. Goes just as well, but you get British luxury and the prestigious Rover marque.

Most annoying thing though is the engine is too grunty for the transmission. Pretty rough gear shifts compared to similar sized cars.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 24th June, 2009