1992 SAAB 9000 CS 2.3


Good entry level luxury sports saloon


Engine mounts were broken when I bought the car.

Regulator failed at 180,000

Heater core failed at 180,000.

Fan resistor failed at 180,000.

Starter motor failed at 220,000

Alternator failed at 225,000

Sun visors failed (yes, it is possible) at 200,000.

Rear shock absorbers needed replacing at about 225,000, and front stuts are a bit hows-your-father.

General Comments:

This is the first Saab I have owned, and overall I am happy with it. For a 16 year old car it still drives very well, and handles equally as well. The body work is solid and the interior is plush and comfortable.

On the freeway it is an absolute joy - mid range power is exceptional for a 4 cylinder, and beats my previous car (4 litre ford falcon) hands down. Gets about 8l/100km. Overtaking is effortless. Transmission is smooth, although kick-down can be sticky around town. After a long journey I always arrive feeling relaxed, thanks to the leather seats. The heater is excellent, as is the air conditioning.

Around town its equally good. Its a tad heavy on juice (about 12-13 l/100km) but can beat most stuff at the lights and always feels save.

However - repairs are costly. Some parts are very expensive - try $300 each for sunvisors, or $200 for fan motor resistor. A Saab mechanic must be used, otherwise you may end up with more stuff broken than when you started. Also, the major electrical components are quite innaccesible which adds to labor costs. However, I believe this is par for the course for euro luxury/front drive vehicles.

I would buy another one apart from the fact they are all a bit old now - the last one made is now 12 years old - and the saab 95 which succeeded it is a far superior vehicle, or so I have been told.

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 21st April, 2008