1990 Subaru Brumby GL 1.8L ea81


Bulletproof engineering. Shame they stopped making 'em


Radiator replaced (never failed); had just seen better days and replacement was financial.

Hitachi carby overhauled.

General Comments:

2 tanks of fuel, check coolant, usually never add more than 30ml, and check oil top up with a litre per 8000km. Other than that, absolutely bulletproof.

I would love to find a rust free targa top.

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Review Date: 30th July, 2016

1990 Subaru Brumby GL 1.8


Best ever 4x4 ute around!!


Nothing has really gone wrong with my Brumby, except when I bought it, I replaced the engine with a reconditioned motor. I have replaced a few things (clutch, gaskets and new pressure plate).

Other than that, my Brumby is a little pearler!!!

General Comments:

My Brumby is the perfect vehicle for me, because I can drive it at my farm, and go 4x4ing and driving on the open road. It's so adaptable, and I can go places that my mate's Hiluxes and Troopy utes can't go.

I fill my ute up, and it seems to last forever!! It's great with the fuel costs these days.

I travel a lot because of me living in Roxby and travelling to my farm monthly. It handles the highway so well, it's got a nice note to it to with a 2 inch exhaust system, and while cruising on the highway, I've got a 10 inch sub between the seats, and 2x 6 inch speakers in the door; it makes the long drive seem like 20 minutes...

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Review Date: 22nd February, 2007

1990 Subaru Brumby Ag-Quip 1.8 petrol


Star that will soon shine again.


Tail shaft

Universal joints


Gearbox Linkage pin

Driver's side parking light

Drivers side outside light

Driving lights blew up

Auto choke (now manual choke)

Used as a farm vehicle (lots of dents)

Sway bar was bent

Rear control arm was bent

Exhaust (non existent)

Chrome strip


Sump plug seized on

Bull bar is bent

Fuel cover is missing

Bald tires

Radiator needs replacing

Bearing's in back wheels

No indicators.

General Comments:

I would not have my Ag-Quip any other way. I am slowly restoring my new baby and it will soon be shining again, like the star she is.

Fuji Heavy Industries (Subaru) need a medal or something, they have created, in my eyes, one of the most awesome cars in the world.

I love any excuse to drive my Brumby.

For a 1.8 litre, carby-fed Horizontally Opposed 4 cylinder, they put out some power. My Ag-Quip has no problems frying her front tires while accelerating from 2nd gear. You engage second and floor it and smoke comes out the passenger side front tire well. It's "Fully Sick"

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Review Date: 1st March, 2004

1990 Subaru Brumby GL 1.8


A neglected masterpiece


The choke needed replacing. It was stuck shut.

Indicator lamps.

A Lot of dents in the body.

Needs a new clutch.

Lights are rusty and blown.

Tail gate was siezed.

Gear box linkage pin broke.

Bald tires. (My fault!)

No exhaust past the cat' converter.

Sway bar bent due to rock incident.

Ignition starts with a screw driver.

No door keys.

Bull bar is loose.

General Comments:

When I bought her she had been sitting at a dairy farm for 2 and a half years without moving. She needs a bit of TLC. I love it though. The motor started first time. That has to be a good sign of reliability.

Long live the Subie's!

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Review Date: 8th February, 2004