2007 Subaru Forester X 2.5 boxer non turbo


This is a brilliant car


Absolutely nothing, and I live in the outback, a 160km drive down a dirt track to the bitumen!

General Comments:

This car is simply amazing. I live in a remote area in the West Australian outback, and the road to the highway is a rutted, at times muddy, and generally punishing 4wd track. The Subaru has taken it all in its stride, including 2 creek crossings!

My monthly shop for supplies means 320km on this track into and out of town, and the Forester is comfortable, solid and safe for the trip.

I return to Perth three times a year, and the Forester is perfect. 3000km to Perth and 3000km back, it transforms from a rugged little 4wd to a highway cruiser with ABS, cruise, good seats and a willing engine. The handling is superb. The AWD / ABS / handling has saved me once already having to avoid a stray cow when travelling at over 100km/h! Also getting 8.5 L/100km highway usage, which is great!

Not sure if this is true, but the poor reviews by US customers may be due to the car being manufactured in the US, rather than being an import as they are in Oz. It's a pity, because down under Subaru have an awesome reputation for build quality and reliability.

Only downside. Dealer support is very patchy. Subaru Australia need to start taking their customers' concerns seriously to retain goodwill. My previous Subaru had some problems (bought new) and I was fobbed off repeatedly by the dealership.

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Review Date: 27th March, 2010

29th Mar 2010, 06:32

A great review, I'm on my second brand new Forester here in the UK. Had the first one for 5 years with no faults at all, and my second one is living up to that as well. Love it, couldn't even consider another make of car. You are right about imports; for me a Japanese car must be made in Japan.

James, Leeds, UK.