2010 Subaru Forester D 2.0 litre turbo diesel


Even better than the petrol


Not a thing.

General Comments:

And I thought the previous model was good! I live in the outback and hence, had to change to a diesel. The new diesel is amazingly quiet, refined and frugal. Overall 6.8 litres per 100km urban and highway.

Just drove 3000km home from the city, and the only quibble is that the seats are not as supportive as the last model. Much bigger car inside, and I can stretch out and sleep in the back (I must point out that I am about average height).

The previous model handled better, but this is an overall better package. Good rear leg room finally, but if you are taller than say 6 foot, then the driving position is quickly compromised.

There has been a lot of comment about the rubbery six speed gearshift. Not especially noticeable, I actually like the feel of it.

I necessarily drive 160km down a rutted outback road to get home, and the Subaru Forester was a peach! Amazingly stable on the dirt and very well isolated from corrugations etc.; a big improvement over the last model, which was good enough.

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Review Date: 21st July, 2010

2nd Aug 2011, 00:31

It will be interesting to see how the paint holds up.

I've got the manual (5 speed) MY10 X.

Mine started to squeak about a month ago, 25k kms on it.

The paint is the weakest of any car I've ever owned.

The diesel wasn't out when I bought. I get 8.5 l/100kms in mixed driving, but the boss gets 12.5 sometimes. She leaves it in lower gears and revvs it harder.

The diesel seems loudish from the next lane, I've noticed a few driving around my area, but it's got so much more torque than my 2.5. Pity they don't offer it in an auto, but my next car won't be a Subaru anyway, so that won't matter.