1993 Subaru Liberty LX 2.2L EJ22




Alternator, was replaced and going strong.

Tyres wear quick when under heavy load.

Has its slight ticks when driving, but normal for Subaru.

Speedo light fuse always blew, but the problem was fixed

General Comments:

Very reliable driving 600km a week, and never broke down once.

Perfect on country roads.

High ground clearance, never scraped the front on gutters at all.

Interior is a bit boring, but nothing wrong on that part.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2015

1993 Subaru Liberty GX (FWD) 2.2 petrol


Like anything well built and well maintained, you will not be unhappy with a Subaru Liberty!


Recent work has included replacing the gearbox spring & bushes and replacing the radiator cap & end tanks.

Given that the 250'000km major service (inc. timing belt) is approaching, these small items are not uncommon and easily rectified. The next big work on a car this age will be a full suspension replacement, including springs, struts and swaybars.

I have otherwise not experienced any other problems with this car.

General Comments:

I have installed a Club Spec 3 interior and upgraded the standard braking system to WRX Impreza 4-pots with slotted rotors / Cusco master cylinder bracket. Very impressive.

The car is very comfortable and always fun to drive.

Economy from the 2.2 is quite good for a vehicle of this size/weight, with an average of +600km per fill (65 litres)

The service I receive from the local Subaru workshop is always attentive and professional.

I've not had this Subaru for long, but have had nothing leak, drain or explode on this car. It has been faultless (just like the '91 GX I had before).

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Review Date: 15th September, 2006