2013 Subaru XV Boxer petrol


The car is okay, zero warranty is the concern


Some of the instrumentation on dashboard has not worked since delivery; neither the dealer nor Subaru Aust. will respond to letters/calls to have the matter rectified.

GPS system is at least five years out of date; states 2011 on the copyright, but is older than this.

Fuel consumption per 100 kms is higher than with my 5 year old Holden Vectra, averaging more than 9.8 l/100 km; I have a fuel log over 8 years to support this.

The car was badly prepared pre delivery, with a body part missing.

General Comments:

For old persons like myself, the total lack of warranty or service backup is of major concern; the reason for buying a new car. I have written to the local dealer and Subaru Australia, and after six months of trying to communicate with them, have realised they are not going to reply. People depending on the warranty should investigate the likelihood of being denied warranty before purchase.

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Review Date: 27th August, 2013

1st Sep 2013, 12:47

Have you tried taking the car into the dealer and refusing to leave until they fix it? My experience of my dealer in Leeds UK is they are very helpful and this situation would never happen there. My XV - reviewed here is a fantastic fault-free car. Hope you get yours sorted.

17th Jul 2014, 03:58

Bought an XV 2014 new. Had no problems at all. Warranty is excellent. Capped price servicing. My only area of concern is that the vehicles are not top coat painted under the bonnet or in the engine bay. Pretty cheap really. Even the cheapest car in the world has paint there - the Tata Nano! We pay more than 33% premium over the cost of these vehicles in the USA.

Your experience is unique. Write to Nick Senior personally and explain the situation, which for you is very unsatisfactory.

Best wishes with this.