1970 Sunbeam Rapier V8 Ford 289 swap 289 V8


Great looking fun car to drive


Broken exhaust mount, easily fixed.

General Comments:

A nice little "hot rod" with 289 V8, C4 auto and 9" differential. My wife drives it mainly, and the only real niggles are its heavy steering and awkward window winders that can stick. The steering is heavy due mostly to the V8 engine, which was not standard to the car.

Getting hard to find body and suspension parts for it, but the Ford drive line helps keep it on the road cheaply and easily. Has an Edelbrock carburetor (650 AVS) that helps drivability and economy.

Now a rare car on the road in Auckland New Zealand, so it does get a lot of attention wherever it goes.

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Review Date: 25th January, 2011

10th Aug 2014, 23:39

Just wondering if this car is still in New Zealand, and would it be up for sale, thanks

6th Nov 2016, 10:14

Hello. Was tiding up the car for possible sale and noticed my review had a comment.

It is still with us and my wife is prepared to part with it.

Thanks for your interest.