1981 Suzuki Carry Van ST30 Series 0.5L


Light, cheap, tinny but reliable. Not terribly durable, though


Very simple, underpowered car, not much to go wrong. Door skin was so thin, someone put a sizable dent in passenger's door, by gently leaning on it! Red paint faded badly in the 4 years we had it.

General Comments:

Tinny, cheap, and barely enough go to keep it moving. The tiny engine was not bad though, considering it was only 500cc (motorbike engine, perhaps?!). Very tinny, lightweight construction though. Had an accident in one, we were OK due to the front bull bar. We may be dead now if not for that, as the only thing between the road and our legs was a single, thin sheet of metal.

Legs got burnt on the driver's side (down low) due to painted uninsulated metal. Soon learnt not to let our legs touch the bottom of the seat! Only two seats made family trips difficult; hey we used to travel in the back unrestrained (idiotic!)

All in all, not a bad car basically. Most didn't last that long, 10 years or so, due to rust and possibly the tiny 500cc engine being revved to death, in order to keep up with traffic!

Amusingly, Suzuki made a SUPER Carry, which featured a big block 800cc (from a motorbike, no doubt!).

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Review Date: 7th November, 2015