2001 Suzuki Ignis GL


Good little car


Nothing unusual.

Just regular wear and tear.

General Comments:


Nothing has gone wrong with this car since I have owned it. It's a very fuel efficient and zippy little car for the city. I get between 4-6 litres per 100km of driving.

A very easy car to drive, and even easier to park. No six point turns to get out of car parks. You can smirk smugly at all the four-wheel drives, Falcons and Commodores trying to negotiate turns in tight spaces.

Air conditioner works well and doesn't 'gut' the car.

Tail lights are in a sensible place (high up). Have never felt like anyone was going to rear-end me, which is rare in this city of mad tailgaters.

It's very satisfying being able to squeeze into places other cars can't go.

It's easier on the environment than a bigger car.


It's a bit of a rough ride on bumpy roads.

Not a lot of room in the back.

The alarm is easily triggered and very embarrassing if you forget to disarm it before you start the engine. Guaranteed to get you attention though.

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Review Date: 22nd December, 2013

2003 Suzuki Ignis GL 1.3


Only has one good thing going for it


Clutch thump and grab when cold.

Roof rack falling apart.

Screechy brakes.

Clunky gear changes.

Dashboard bends up in hot weather.

Sound system is junk.

General Comments:

The only good thing about this car is the fuel economy and even that is a bit misleading. You get 6lt per 100km around town, but on the highway you get the same or worse never better, go figure.

The dashboard bends up on the drivers side in hot weather.

The sound system is junk so I replaced it with a Pioneer system and new speakers. Sounds no better.

There is a loud thump coming from the floor when the engine is cold. The dealer tells me this is "clutch grab" and can't be fixed.

A small plastic cover on the roof rack fell off while I was driving on a freeway. The dealer won't replace this $60.00 piece of plastic because I must have used the roof rack and that's why it fell off, not covered by warranty. Go figure again.

The handling is spongy and unstable, thank god it's got ABS.

Dealer servicing is over priced and so are parts and accessories.

The electronic steering is heavy for parking and too light at speed, isn't it meant to be the other way around?.

This car is a full two generations behind anything else available at the moment so I guess you get what you pay for. The fact that dealer service is far too expensive and Suzuki warranty is worthless makes this car a bad buy.

I will be going back to Hyundai as soon as I have the money.

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Review Date: 16th June, 2004

5th Aug 2004, 07:42

Laughable yes because I will shortly be driving my new Hyundai (Car of the year) and you will still be driving the Ignis. May I add that the problems I have didn't appear until approx 10,000kms. Here is one summary of the many road tests you will find on the net about the Ignis;

The Ignis has few stand-out features and too many shortcomings to be a class leader, even in the cheap stakes.

Its strengths are fuel efficiency and practicality, but the firm ride, ordinary brakes, noise levels and ordinary seats make for a mediocre driving experience overall.

Yes very laughable.

4th Sep 2004, 01:19

I bought a Suzuki Ignis GL 5 door in March. I note from your review you have a 2003 model. The new model is very much improved on the previous model. I personally am very pleased with the car and my only quibble is the 'in your face' red dash lights.However, I must add that your intention of buying a Hyundai (Getz) I presume is not at all laughable. My friend bought one and it's a super car, no complaints at all. So we're both happy motorists. Each to their own as they say. I wish you safe and happy motoring in whatever car you buy.