1994 Suzuki Swift GTi 1.3 DOHC EFI


Australia's quickest road registered front wheel drive is one of these!


An annoying tapping in the top half of the engine developed at about 40,000km.

The flimsy body developed so many rattles I found it distracting when driving.

General Comments:

The little thing would be the perfect car if Suzuki had worked a little harder on the build quality.

The handling easily outstrips any other front wheel drive I have driven and the acceleration is more than adequate at around 7secs to 100km/h (62mph). Top Speed (as tested by me) is around 195km/h, due to gearing, not lack of poke.

The interior is well laid out and the seats are very supportive without giving backaches, with all the good gear such as electric windows and air-conditioning given as standard.

The real gem of the package though is that little 1.3 litre 80kw engine, which doesn't mind screaming up past the 7500rpm redline for some serious fun. Mated to this is a tight 5 speed which could give Honda engineers some sleepless nights.

In all I suppose this drive-train and racy handling should be expected from a company which normally specializes in making the fastest motorcycles on the planet.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2002

13th Jan 2007, 05:06

I currently own a 1994 MK3 SWIFT GTi. I bought the car 18 months go for $4350, with only an aftermarket exhaust system and K&N air filter. Since owning the car I have spent almost $12,000 modifying the Body, Engine, Drive-train and Interior.

The Swift GTi was fast when I first bought it, but now, its almost scary how quick it accelerates and how hard it can push you into the seat.

Only recently, I have noticed strange tapping sounds coming from the bottom end of the motor, aswell as creaking sounds from all over the car when driving. But, the Swift has never broken down or objected to being driven hard.

All in all, I have found that the 1994 MK3 SWIFT GTi is very reliable, reasonably cheap and easy to modify and very fun to drive.