1986 Toyota 4Runner 2.4? petrol


Don't waste your money on this model, get a Landcruiser


Well, sorry to rain on the good parade. I had nothing but trouble... I bought the car, on the road, for $5800.

List of things that went wrong:

1. Power steering box reconditioned ($700 approx)

2. NEW LONG MOTOR (crankshaft went)... fitted & installed for $3500 approx. Both these happened 2 months after purchase.

3. New master cylinder, drums, shoes etc for back brakes... approx $800.

4. Electrics in the car are a mess, to say it politely.

5. Exhaust manifold, fixed twice... both came to approx $1500 ea.

6. TPI switch (throttle positioning) CONSTANTLY playing up.

7. Various bits & pieces to fix etc.

8. Fuel regulator, fuel sender, fuel pump, & fuel lines needed replacing... approx $500 total.

9. New master switch for electric windows & heater fixed... approx $500.

10. Upper & lower ball joints replaced, approx $500.

11. New radiator...

12. FINAL STRAW... head gasket/cracked cylinder, dunno which, cause I don't give a rats about it anymore.

I poured over $13000 dollars into this 'car'. What a spectacular waste of money!!

General Comments:

It was great in the bush & on sand after purchasing decent Simex tyres for it.

The very few good things on the car that didn't play up... the transmission, turned on a 10 cent piece, zippy off the mark.

Serviced it regularly (every 7000kms).

All in all, I MAY have just got a 'lemon', but after consulting with a few 4Runner owners here & there... some of these problems seem to be common.

I can't say that this is a good car.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2008

17th Nov 2008, 09:01

Okay, so you purchased a 20 year-old vehicle with high mileage, and you're complaining that it needed a lot of repairs... Are you surprised? You shouldn't be.

The vehicle was old enough to vote!

22nd Jun 2009, 01:53

Heh, My family owns a 1986 4runner, one breakdown since, only having problems with the ignition. 600,000 kilometres.

9th Jul 2009, 17:11

It sounds like whoever you had fix it was more of the problem. That was way too much to pay for those repairs. I think that you either love or hate Toyota. I have two that are broke down more than they run, but I still like them. My only vehicle that has never left me stranded or stuck, believe it or not, is my 1978 GMC Jimmy. I like my Toyota trucks when they are running right. Sorry you had such a terrible experience with yours.

1991 Toyota 4Runner LN 130 2.4 turbo diesel


If you get a good one, these things are allround gems


The head went about 1 month after purchase... suspect head bogged up for sale re; Chemiweld.

New 3L head now on 3 years later truck running really well.

The alternator looks like it's failing at this moment!

Apart those problems it's very good.

General Comments:

Great to drive off road on dirt etc, but can wander a tad on the bitumen.

Wheel alignment checked out; spot on!

Generally a very safe tough machine.

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Review Date: 25th April, 2008

1989 Toyota 4Runner KZN61 1KZ


Buy Toyota


Minor electrical stuff; mostly due to deep water (1 - 1.5 metre) fording.

Seats wore out.

General Comments:

Totally indestructible. The door seals still seal and nothing rattles despite probably 800000 ks of hard river off roading. It has carried 1000s of pigs, deer etc, and never complained.

Goes wherever I want it to. Tows whatever is hooked on. Top family recreational vehicle.

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Review Date: 28th March, 2008

1988 Toyota 4Runner SSR 2.4 turbo diesel


It looks great, extremely reliable and economical - buy one!


My car has independent front axles and unfortunately the front right axle has lost some bearings and thus is slopping around in its casing.

Rear window and wiper are causing several trademark 'clunky' faults. Drivers electric window stops halfway up.

General Comments:

My car is actually a Surf, but they are practically the same. Overall I love my Surf, great little Turbo Diesel engine.

The plastics are typically 1980's quality, but is is my favorite car.

I sometimes drive it like it's a sports car, which I shouldn't do I know, but it goes really well.

I am a big fan of the really tight steering.

All things considered, for the age of the car and all, I would rate the car at a 9 out of 10.

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Review Date: 16th February, 2005