1985 Toyota Bundera LX 2.4 petrol


Tough, but this particular one was unfortunately unreliable


Engine burning oil

Numerous carburettor problems

Brake master cylinder did its seals

Front brake calipers broke bolts and didn't work effectively

Leaky windscreen

Leaky transfer box

Gearbox developing bad whining noise

Rust developing under drivers side floor, in gutters, in roof, below brake booster reservoir and several other places

Drivers side window actuator dropped a few teeth and would slip when winding up.

General Comments:

Tough construction!

Thirsty on fuel - approx 17L/100km regardless of driving style or conditions

Surprisingly large cargo area when packed properly

Can go pretty much anywhere the big boys can go!

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Review Date: 26th September, 2006

1985 Toyota Bundera LX 22R


Like a Hilux, unbreakable


Electric window switch gave up, easy repair by cleaning the contacts and a tube of super glue.

Front engine seal went at 220000, front axle inner seals are beginning to leak, and the alternator gave up last week.

General Comments:

Don't buy a Bundera for speed or towing.

A child could do the maintenance on one of these.

This is my second Bundera and I'll be looking for a japanese import 3 litre turbo diesel when this one gives up the ghost, that could be a while.

Replace the suspension with a good quality after market and make sure it has a LSD.

These little 4x4s will go ANYWHERE with axle and gearbox breathers.

Thank you Toyota for never ever letting me down.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2006

1st Dec 2011, 08:05

I had a 1985 Bundera RJ70 Soft Top with a 22R engine. I had the engine reconditioned and LPG fitted.

One of the best things about this model of Landcruiser is that you can fold the windscreen flat to the bonnet and remove the door window frames. It was like riding a motorcycle without a helmet.

The reason I got rid of it was I became concerned how it would skid through wet intersections with the kids in the car. In wet weather, you always had to drive it cautiously with plenty of braking space. In the end though, I regret selling it and regard that as a mistake. It was a car, 4X4, and motorcycle-like, all in one. I had spent a bit of money on it, and it would have lasted for many years.