1988 Toyota Camry SE 2.0 litre




Manual steering rack was replaced at 420,000 km due to a bush inside wearing, and making a knocking noise when going over bumps. Mechanic said only the bush needed replacing, but it being a sealed unit, the whole rack had to be replaced.

Other than that, normal wear and tear replacement parts.

Alternator at 380,000 km, 3 batteries over last 7 years, tyres wear evenly to 50,000km, timing belt every 100,000km.

Needed a new water pump at 390,000km; I think it was damaged when the mechanic replaced the timing belt, cracked bolt housing on pump. Since the replacement of the water pump, have topped up the radiator with a mouthful of coolant for last 4 years/100,000km.

6 years after buying the car, have finally had the relay replaced; aircon will now run without overheating and be turned off, as only 1 fan worked. Both fans run now when using it with 45 degrees outside. Before, when the needle rose, it turned the aircon off.

General Comments:

One of the most reliable cars I have ever had. Has never missed a beat in 7 years, except when one of the HT leads was faulty. Even after driving 1500km in 1 day, averaging 120-130 km/h, it just keeps going.

Handles as good as any sports pack car, with good tyres, sticks to the road like glue. Can hold its own against sports cars 1-2 years old.

Relatively economical still after 22 years, 550 km almost on 3/4 tank, highway driving.

By the way, it is an S/wagon, auto.

Will hit 500,000km before end of this year.

Can sit at 120km/h forever.

Doesn't blow smoke.

Top up oil 1/2 litre every 1000km.

No oil leaks!

No rust!

Auto serviced once in 7 years, gears change perfectly.

Had a Ford Falcon once with 250,000km on the clock when bought, 6 years old. Front wheel fell off after 1 trip to Brisbane, bearing collapsed. Transmission replaced twice in 2 years. Full of rust.

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Review Date: 23rd June, 2010

1988 Toyota Camry CS 2.0


Great second hand car


Indicator electrical failure.

Air conditioner needed upgrade and re-gassing.

Front struts needed replacement (expensive).

New tyres.

Fan speed resistor burnt out and needed replacing.

General Comments:

It has had a share of problems, but for its age they are limited.

Power is good for a 4-cylinder engine and the fuel economy is pretty good.

The interior has plenty of room for a full car load of passengers.

Design may not be exciting, but Toyota is all about good value for good quality vehicles.

Top buy for a family with limited finances.

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Review Date: 17th August, 2001