2005 Toyota Camry Sportivo 2.4


Great model, go and buy one now!


Nothing, nothing at all!

General Comments:

This car is big and comfortable. The seats are firm and supportive.

The suspension in the Sportivo is much better than the standard model, and I would recommend it. It is firm while still maintaining a comfortable ride.

The steering provides just the right level of feedback, making it crisp and responsive.

The engine while not a strong as some of the local big 6's, is impressive for a 4. It pulls the car along well, with much more power than I was expecting. The variable valve timing starts to kick in around 3k rpm, giving the engine a more aggressive tone, and more kick. It is plenty for passing, and is enough to trick you into thinking it's a sporty car (sometimes).

My only real gripe (apart from more power - every car needs that) is that sometimes it is hard to find reverse gear. If this happens, I go to one of the forward gears and then back to R - no problems, but still it shouldn't happen.

I have driven the same car in an auto for work (the reason we looked at one of these in the first place) and found the auto was responsive, even and exact. It didn't sap to much of the power from the engine. The local Falcodore transmissions are rubbish in comparison.

I find the Camry a rewarding car to drive, it reminds me of my old Saab. Usually when you describe Toyotas, the good points stop at reliability. I have driven the standard model and found the car was putting me to sleep. Toyota have done a great job with the Sportivo variant.

The car returns good fuel economy, much better then those local 6's I mentioned earlier. It also has a 5 star safety rating (apparently better then the C-class Merc of the same year).

Finally the car is produced in Australia (your model may not be if you don't live in Australia), what more can you ask for?

I think quality issues for Toyota may very from country to country. Cars like the Camry and the Corolla are produced in many different locations around the world. I think despite its best efforts, Toyota has trouble maintaining quality over such a large and varying manufacturing base. In other words - the same model might be better if it was produced in country A rather than country B. Just my 2c.

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Review Date: 24th February, 2009

2005 Toyota Camry Sportivo 2.4 petrol


Great car, reliable, smooth and comfortable


Nothing yet.

General Comments:

Had this car from new, and have travelled around the North Island 4 times since due to my work travels, and have found this car comfortable, runs very smoothly and suits the long distance travelling.

Runs at 9.1 litres per 100km on petrol.

However, it slightly lacks power, but this could be that it's an Automatic. Maybe the V6 manual would have better power if looking for this.

Large boot space.

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Review Date: 12th February, 2006