1996 Toyota Carina ED 2.0L petrol


Good/cheap Toyota


- Bought the car with a noisy cam belt. Had it replaced as it had slackened with age.

- Slow oil leak from rocker cover.

- Smoked at cold start up. Oil was getting into a cylinder or a build up of carbon was causing smoke.

- Gas flap spring was broken.

General Comments:

Overall it was a pretty good car. Not amazing, but good. Generally reliable. I did fix a couple of things, but I think I got the car right when a couple of important parts needed attending to (I got it at a good price so I didn't mind).

Feels sporty. Stiff suspension, weighty steering, low to the ground. Unfortunately the 3S-FE engine doesn't have the grunt to match (130hp). If you were looking for one, go for the 3S-GE (170hp).

As I was driving in traffic mostly, power wasn't needed so it suited me fine. Fairly economical for a 2L.

I liked the interior. Well thought out positioning of amenities. Split folding rear seats (60/40) into spacious boot. Console area surrounds the driver and allows for ease of use.

Good looking car in my opinion. Similar in look to a Nissan Silvia S14/200sx. Cool yellow tinted fog lights and rear logo illumination.

Generally happy with the car, but nothing amazing.

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Review Date: 20th February, 2016

1993 Toyota Carina ED X Exciting Version 2.0L petrol


Will never break down!


Alternator belt exploded at 150ks - Although that was my own fault for not servicing it properly.

I fear the suspension may also be shot. The ride is rather harsh and there is a faint suspension rattle.

Steering wheel shudders and anything over 110kph, although this may be a problem with the tyres, that the repair shop couldn't find.

General Comments:

This is an awesome car. It has the same chassis, engine and gearbox from a Celica, but has the benefits of four doors.

At old age however, the handling is not what it should be. It can be quite understeery when cornering too fast and it has quite awful torque steer.

However, the car has more than enough power for day to day running and having a short shift gear box is brilliant. Not so much fun around the city, but I feel that's just a problem with manuals in general.

The driving position will give you a sore back on longer trips as the driving position is designed for short skinny people... That may be why it has what can only be described as a make up compartment, the perfect size for your lady's lip-stick.

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Review Date: 4th April, 2007