1981 Toyota Celica LT 2000 2.0L


A reliable classic


Bad front passenger side wobble whilst driving at about 60km/h. Thought it was major, turned out it just needed a wheel balance.

Brake light came on recently, brake pads probably need replacing.

Clutch is wearing away, have to press it right to the floor. Will be getting brakes and clutch done together.

One of the exterior gaskets in the engine is leaking. However, it's a very slow leak and I just refill the oil every month.

Fuel sensor gauge is bust, can't tell how much petrol I've got in the tank.

General Comments:

I've had this car for half a year now and have been very pleased with its reliability. It's practically bulletproof; the old 18RC is a very hardy engine and the gearbox is very solid. Also, due to the simplicity of the engine, self tuning and servicing is a breeze and I save quite a bit of money doing it myself.

The car has broken down twice, but this was because I ran out of petrol. Apart from this, there have been no mechanical faults and the car runs smoothly every time I drive it.

Economy is OK, getting just under 10L/100km. I happily pay this for the reliability I receive in return.

The car handles very well even without power steering and driving is a pleasure for an old car. There's not too much power available, but it's more than adequate for daily driving and the engine's strong enough to go hard if needed. Rear wheel drive makes driving in wet weather fun ;)

The body is sturdy like the rest of the car; it doesn't feel like a tin can. Sits very low to the ground and has a very sporty appearance. Mine was garage-kept for 20 years, the body is mint and it has the original rims so it is a very good-looking little car. The interior is also very functional, with a nice woodgrain dash giving an old-school feel.

I would highly recommend this model for anyone looking for a small, reliable car with a classic touch.

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Review Date: 2nd August, 2005

10th Apr 2006, 00:56

Well I finally got my 1981 Toyota celica LT2000, it's an awesome car to drive, handles well on the road, and VERY comfortable to drive, although the rust removal is not going to be easy! and why on earth did they have to make it yellow??

10th May 2006, 03:56

Well, the 1980 LT2000 Liftback is not only a sound car to drive and work on. The only disappointment I had, was the fact I wanted to install a body kit and put in 2 Sony 6x9 speakers somewhere, and being a very compact sports car, there's no real room for them, except in the boot in speaker boxes, and dammit, it's still yellow! Maybe once I figure out how to add pic's to this, I'll show you up to date pic's on whats happening with it! Also its rareity of parts makes it slightly harder to work on too!