1987 Toyota Celica SX 2.0


Good to look at


Head gasket blew at 107,000 km.

Head was warped and needed replacing.

Sump gasket replaced at 136,000 km.

Oil leak at the back of the motor; rear main seal replaced at 156,000 km.

Welch plugs perished and leaked.

Electrics kept playing up.

Sunroof motor broke.

New ECU at 180,000 km.

Exhaust kept blowing and leaking from 120,000 km, and kept blowing roughly every 15,000 km.

Brake lines splitting.

New CV joints at 185,000.

Air con compressor seized at 160,000 km.

Radiator failed and kept overheating; replaced at 110,000 km.

Nothing went wrong from 185,000 ks to 200,000 km.

Replaced timing belt at 200,000 km, fine, then at 201,000 km the

main bearing went.

Fully rebuilt engine at 201,000 km.

Ran like a Swiss watch for 50,000 km.

250,000 km, alternator went and was replaced.

267,000 km, power steering went, as well as pin and rack, and steering box.

270,000 km, master cylinder blew.

General Comments:

I bought the car off a Toyota dealer, and it was the manager's car.

Really nice looking white car; he had it slightly lowered with nice tinted windows.

Bought it thinking of Toyota reliability. How wrong I was.

The car's engine has been a nightmare ever since I have had it. The only good thing is the gearbox. Replaced the clutch at 180,000, but no problem, they're expecting it at this age.

I always hoped I would get from work to home every morning in it. It just didn't give me confidence.

I was really disappointed with the car's power and performance, but it was still zippy to drive.

The handling was fantastic for a FWD; just fling it into corners and it stuck to the road.

The only reliable thing is you always know that it will guzzle your petrol.

A beautiful car to look at. The cabin is very cramped as well.

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Review Date: 25th June, 2013

25th Jun 2013, 14:49

Didn't stop you keeping it for 15 years though... and I would have thought such a low mileage on purchase would have aroused some suspicions.

1987 Toyota Celica ST 2.0 twin cam


A very advanced car for the year it was made, and very fun to drive


Master clutch cylinder went about a month after I got the car. To be expected though because of the age of the car.

Front lower guard has popped out from the screws in the front wheel arches.

Front lower guard or the license plate scrapes along the ground if turning a particularly sharp corner too fast.

Engine oil seems to either be consumed really quickly or is leaking, although I haven't noticed a particularly large amount of oil where I park my car.

Electric sunroof hasn't worked since I bought the car, and when going above 80km/h wind leaks through.

General Comments:

Very quick off the mark and has a lot of power behind it.

This car has just the most beautiful sound to it, to go with the big twin exhaust it has on it. Purrs like a baby and can get any guys to check me (or the car) out.

Very comfortable to drive, and the adjustable steering wheel is a great feature.

The power steering is very direct in comparison to the Mazda MX6 I've driven, which is very floaty.

A very reliable car and, should your master clutch cylinder go like mine did, the car is incredibly fun and easy to drive without a clutch!

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Review Date: 25th October, 2003

9th Nov 2003, 07:32

I have the same model car as you and I agree with what you said about the car. They are awesome :) The one thing that happens to me if I turn a corner to sharp is that knocking noise you described.

2nd Dec 2004, 06:15

Hello, I've had my 87 ST for a year or so now and I love it; I've had major repairs done to it, inc wheel bearings, cooling system, brakes, cat+exhaust and engine. I spent a lot of money, but I think I will keep it and spend 5 0r AU$6k more to make it look the best and drive the best. It has a different shape to the common SX here in Australia.