Corolla SE 1.3 petrol

Could not do without her.

24 words

Corolla CS 1.3 petrol

Too small, too slow and too unreliable

311 words, 6 comments

Corolla KE55 CS 1.3 petrol

Nimble, cheap, attractive, reliable commuter

754 words

Corolla CS 1.3L petrol

A cheap and reliable bargain

203 words

Corolla SE 1.5

Excellent car for first buyers and great for restoration

43 words

Corolla SE 1.4

A bargain with 12 months rego for $A1000

156 words

Corolla 1.3

Don't race it unless you're on dirt!

72 words, 1 comment

Corolla CS 1.3 petrol

$A 1,000, fully resprayed, good nick

31 words, 1 comment

Corolla SE 1.2 leaded

A slow and low performance car

124 words, 2 comments

Corolla SE 1.2 leaded

Good to learn in

60 words