1981 Toyota Corolla DX 13b rotary 2l


One phat biach


The only thing that I have had to replace was a gearbox from doing too many burn outs.

General Comments:

This car is riding on 14 inch deep dish chrome's with a pearl custom paint job and air suspension with a 13b rotary motor and all the gears four 14 inch subs TV, and many more bits and peices.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2004

1981 Toyota Corolla Levin GT 1500


Great looker besides the rust


Rust, rust, rust.

Dead battery.

Fuel Gauge read half full as empty.

General Comments:

Besides having to cut out all the rust, the mechanical side of the car just keeps on trucking. I brought the 3A-U version, apparently the 4A-G goes a lot harder and faster. Looks good for a '81, better than the newer shape.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2000

16th Mar 2001, 01:47

I strongly agree with you. I think the modern car designers are almost sick and do not know how to design a car. They just want to draw a circle and round shapes. I think the all the cars that were made in the 80s' and the first part of 90s' were the real cars. They looked so attractive and lively. Now a days, the newer cars seem to me just a tool for transportation.