Corolla GL 1.6 4AF

The most economial overall car you could own

356 words

Corolla SE 1.6 litre carburettor

Very reliable and bullet proof

352 words

Corolla FXGT 1.6

It's my baby, and that won't change

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Corolla AE82 CS 1.6 Ltr 4 Cylinder

Economical and smart looking car for its age

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Corolla CS 1.6

I recommend Corollas as the are hard wearing and don't mind coping a beating

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Corolla AE82 Seca Twin Cam 16 1.6 petrol Fuel Injected

The Fast and the Frugal

138 words

Corolla CS 1.6

A reliable car, but watch for rust!

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Corolla CS 1.6 carbi petrol

A cheap, reliable, gutsy little run-a-bout

208 words

Corolla CS 1.6 L

An excellent car!

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