1992 Toyota Corolla DX 4x4 2.0 diesel


Best car I've ever owned


Barely anything for 50,000 ks of ownership, less tyres etc...

Driver seat is starting to come apart at the seams. A bit of gaffer should do the trick.

General Comments:

Very slow, bad on hills and no overtaking power, but if you can see past this, you're looking at 45 imperial MPG, and almost non existent running costs.

The cabin is also very noisy at 80+ kph, no extras (power windows etc), but I see that as a good thing, as there's nothing to go wrong. Despite low hill power, torque + 4wd sees it up ski roads with ease.

Don't hesitate to purchase one of these.

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Review Date: 3rd April, 2012

1992 Toyota Corolla FX GT 1.6


A great, reliable little performer that is surprisingly well appointed


Ventilation (fan) speed control knob broke off.

The rear hatch became quite heavy to lift, necessitating in the replacement of the hatch gas struts.

General Comments:

Quite a nifty little performer. Quick off the mark and great downshift acceleration when a boost of speed is required. (The jerky change from 1st to 2nd on cold starts probably the only complaint). Loved the "Power" option.

Terrific amount of front seat leg-room, but if you're short, the reach around for the seat belts can be a bit of a back strainer (though perhaps typical of a lot of two doors)

Well accessorised. This model came std with electric mirrors/sunroof/windows, Air-conditioning.

The interior was bland, but not unexpected for a sporty type car, everything is easily within reach of the driver and both the layout of controls uncomplicated.

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Review Date: 1st June, 2003

1992 Toyota Corolla GTi 1.8 4A-GE 4 cylinder Multi-valve


A perfect choice for a first car enthusiast looking to modify the vehicle to the maximum


Suspension or shock absorbers squealing when going over speed bumps and sometimes when changing gears into second from leaving a hill start or take off.

Radio antenna showing signs of light rust and difficult to extend.

General Comments:

Car handles perfectly besides the suspension noise.

Low engine maintenance required.

Sound system isn't the best, but a back seat passenger will hear bass well. However the rear speakers are totally useless because they are so small and sound can hardly be heard.

Since this is a second hand car, to achieve full 100kw power the engine will require a full clean and engine rebuild. Also to save cash replace some of the engine parts with performance parts.

If you would like to know my engine modifications for my Corolla then here they are.

Engine rebuild and clean

TRD extractors

Bosch Super 4's Sparks and 8.0mm leads

OBX Corolla Intake

K&N Race Style High Flow Pod Air Filter

Bosch Oil stabilizer

C.A.P.A. 220kw Supercharger Chip set

Forced Cold Air Induction System

3A Racing 3" hi-flow cat from dump pipe from original manifold into 2.5" stainless steel muffler

Brembo brake system

Monroe shock absorbers

Pedders Suspension lowered 1"

MacPherson strut

MacPherson sway bar

Originally the Corolla was going to be turbocharged, but unfortunately due to costs I could not afford a turbo as insurance companies would not insure a turbo vehicle for an owner under 25.

Well I also got a body kit, better interior with Momo racing seats and a Pioneer sound system (2x10" 500watt Subs, MP3 head unit, 6 CD stacker, 6x9s, 6s and 300watt 4 channel amp) for the car.

It was all well worth doing up the car for its price and performance because Toyota have good reliable low maintenance engines.

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Review Date: 14th May, 2003