Crown Royal Touring 3.0 petrol

Perfect at every angle. Strong and powerful machine, while providing a smooth quiet gliding ride

142 words


Crown Royal Saloon G 4.0 Litre Quad Cam V8

The car is a great luxury cruiser

183 words, 3 comments


Crown Royal Saloon 2.8L 6 cylinder

Luxury limo

146 words

Crown MS123 2.8Lit FI petrol

Big, heavy comfortable reliable and unbeatable

103 words

Crown Royal Saloon 2.8 EFI straight six OHC

An wonderful car to drive if hasn't been neglected

411 words, 35 comments


Crown MS123 2.8 Fuel Injected

Someone should take advantage of the money we invested in new parts

82 words


Crown Super Saloon 2.2 Litre diesel

Great luxury economical car

38 words


Crown Super Saloon 4M 2.6 Litre

Lovely car with cooling issues

221 words, 2 comments


Crown CS 2.6 Carburettored petrol

A unique Japanese cruising machine

108 words