2013 Toyota GT86 ZN6 2.0 98 RON


A humble, head turning pocket rocket which is brilliant value for the money!


Usual curb rash with the spoiler kit... it's so low slung!

Nothing else really.

General Comments:

It's really fun to drive. It may take off kinda slow at the lights (you have to rev it a fair bit before releasing the clutch) but generally it's more interesting when you have the engine purring above 3000 RPM. Frankly its optimum output is at around 6000 RPM...

It's a head turner - especially mine as it's very customised.

You get the usual Toyota reliability...

Like an '85 Supra I once owned, the rear seats really aren't for adult human beings. Unless they're 3 dwarves with amputated legs :) .

If there's a drawback to this model of car, it's that it only - I repeat only - drinks 98 RON fuel. Which is expensive (in my neck of the woods it's 15 cents dearer - per litre - than the usual 91 RON unleaded).

Driving this thing is akin to driving a go-kart. Sharp, snappy steering, good turning circle, and very low down to the ground!

Would you buy another car from this manufacturer? Yes

Review Date: 19th February, 2019