2005 Toyota Hiace LWB 2.5 D4D turbo diesel


Long lasting


Cargo hoodlining has dropped.

Drivers seat worn (slightly).

Rear bumper scratches easily.

Noisy idler bearings at 190k, because the dealer never replaced them in the 150k timing belt service, which they should have done. The cost to repair this was nearly 2k, because of the labour involved, and the service adviser would ring me up 3 times a day, trying to convince me to replace other items that did not need replacing, or had nothing to do with the problem. At the end, it took them 4 days to fix the problem, and when I received the vehicle, the central locking had stopped working. I told them about this, they didn't care, because they already had my money, and did not want to know me.

General Comments:

Bullet proof!

This van doesn't have the best acceleration in its class, but it's still OK for a diesel van. It has a sharp turning circle, which makes it very easy to maneuver in the city, and it's just an easy vehicle to drive. Fuel economy is OK (620km a tank).

Don't take it to a Toyota dealer for servicing, as they are too expensive, and they don't even know their products, so please don't be stupid, take your Toyota elsewhere.

Still going really strong at 262000kms.

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Review Date: 12th March, 2011

1st Mar 2014, 16:56

That's very strange about the idler bearings taking four days to fix and 2k. I'm a mechanic, and these timing belts take only a few hours to change, although I do change the idlers every time for piece of mind. It's not unusual for a dealer not to, as generally they only will if they're noisy.

2003 Toyota Hiace ZR 3.0L


Diamonds don't last forever... Buy a Toyota


Interior wise, these vans really don't stand up to the challenge; the drivers seat is well worn and the floor under the pedals is worn through to the steel (a replacement rubber mat is $1800.00 +GST through Toyota NZ).

It lacks basics (such as cup holders and air conditioning).

General Comments:

These vans were designed as a work horse, and a work horse it is. Mine runs solid for 13 hours a day 5 days a week (I am a courier driver), and it doesn't show signs of slowing down.

It also feels a little unsteady at high speed. (wider tyres may solve this)

These vans are good for a million KMS.

The gearing ratio is fantastic, and the fuel tank is massive.

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Review Date: 13th June, 2010

1996 Toyota Hiace Super Custom 3.0 turbo diesel




Front brakes make a fair bit of dust.

Looks like a pimp's van.

General Comments:

Got my super custom from an import dealer last year.

Great car; pearl paint, mags, tint, 4 (count em) sunroofs.

Dual zone climate control (front and back).

3 tiers of seats in the back, the 2nd row swivels from facing front to back - limo style. The 3rd row is on rails and can be pushed towards the cab for about 1.3 metres of 'boot' room, while still being usable.

I took out the seats and put in a cargo barrier as I use the van for work; very nice as far as work vans go with carpet all round, and little things like 12v socket outlets front and back, cup holders and central locking.

Servicing is a straightforward affair and very reasonably priced. Fuel economy is average with about 450kms/tank (55ltr).

The auto is very smooth, heaps of torque, but pretty slow from lights. Once it's moving she's right though, and it's a van anyway!

Why anyone would buy an Aus delivered Hiace with a little petrol 4cyl manual for a lot more than the equivalent year import is beyond me.

For people in Aus looking at Hiaces, the model number of the Japanese imports start with KZH100 :)

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Review Date: 15th May, 2010