Kluger CV 3.3


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Kluger CV 3.3

Quality car for the growing family

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Kluger CVX 3.3 V6

Will be looking at something else next time if the new Kluger has the same traits

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Kluger CVX 3.3

A good compromise between 4wd, family car and performance car

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Kluger Grande 3.3

An excellent cruiser

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Kluger CVX 3.3L V6

An otherwise wonderful car totally ruined by an appalling transmission

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Kluger Grande 3.3 V6

Am really looking forward to when it is run in

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Kluger CVX 3.3L V6

A worthwhile buy

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Kluger Grande 3.3 V6 petrol

Good Value Crossover

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