1984 Toyota Landcruiser HJ60 G Pack 4L diesel straight six


Tough, capable, honest and addictive


So far, very little. The air conditioning needed to be re-gassed and a leaking hose fixed.

I'll be replacing the glow plugs this weekend as the cold weather is showing up inadequate pre-heating.

The usual little items like blown bulbs, fuses, etc.

General Comments:

The performance and comfort marks I've given this car are bearing in mind what it was designed for. By sports car standards, it's slow. Off road though, it can't be beaten.

The cabin is very spacious, the ride is excellent for an old truck and people are regularly stunned by what it can tackle off road.

The mechanicals are TOUGH. Given regular maintenance, there's no reason it can't be going strong after another 20 years. I intend to keep mine for many years to come!

This model Land Cruiser is as honest as a vehicle gets. It doesn't promise what it can't deliver. Mine now has differential locks front and rear and is virtually unstoppable off road, while still delivering amazing fuel economy...12l per 100kms around town and off road!

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Review Date: 3rd May, 2005

30th Apr 2007, 04:32

I have owned a "poverty pack" barn door HJ60 since 1985. Bought it new. The car has been ultra-reliable and economical. The big problem is that Toyota hasn't yet made a replacement that matches it. Maybe the new Series 70 might have the goods to match it.

1984 Toyota Landcruiser HJ60 diesel


It's still a landcruiser!


After 500km it appeared that cooling water leaked to the motor oil through a damaged engine head. Then we found out the rest of the engine was broken too, and I am facing repair costs of $3000 - $6000.

Small leakage in front diff.

General Comments:

Bought the car because of its famous 'landcruiser' durability. I am disapointed the motor broke down so quickly, but I still intend to have it repaired.

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Review Date: 18th December, 2003

23rd Feb 2004, 08:25

Land cruiser Modle No.HJ60 make 1987 is really a nice car. The problem is the loud engine sound comes inside the car thus making very noisy environment inside the car. The other problem is it trembles a lot while travelling. Is there any solution for the aforesaid problem? If any how can I get your valuable suggetion please.

25th Mar 2004, 21:57

Do not forget that the Land Cruiser is a 1984 model. If you had bought it brand new and maintained it regularly all the problems that you faced would not have come to haunt you.

30th Mar 2004, 03:09

Firstly, your car is not new. How have previous owners maintained, used or abused the car? You don't know probably.

Secondly, a $10 piece of rubber cooling hose that leaks can completely destroy a engine worth thousands.

Do not blame your cruiser. They are very, very well made pieces of machinery.

15th Apr 2007, 00:20

The LAND CRUISER 4WD is not running enough, it is a weak power in the motor, We have to buy the motor in one day.

1984 Toyota Landcruiser HJ 62 4 litre diesel 6 cylinder (2H)


Solid, reliable, but expensive to run


Radiator re-cored at 230,000 km.

The gearbox died at approximately 250,000 km, they cost a lot to rebuild properly and most of the 5 speed boxes I know have died around the same time, probably because it's the previous 4 speed box with a 5th gear casing bolted on (common in some mid 80's cars).

At around 290,000 km I had the alternator regulators replaced.

I got an injector service at around 300,000 km, which cost a bit, but the car is far less smoky and runs better.

The clutch plate spring broke at 310,000 km, annoying, but I was able to drive home and get it fixed the next day. Another expensive job.

Most recently, I had the water pump and starter motor bearings renewed. They are very cheap to renew before they fail, VERY expensive if they do fail.

General Comments:

The diesel engines last well provided you look after them, changing the oil & air/fuel/oil filters regularly and using clean fuel.

The wear items (tires, oil, brake pads) are very expensive compared to regular cars.

The economy is good for a car of this size, the trade off is that the performance is OK, but hardly inspiring. At 300,000+ km, I still get 11.5 L/100km.

If you are buying one, be aware that without a good maintenance history, you may be buying into lots of very expensive repairs. An experienced diesel mechanic will be able to tell you what to watch for.

Absolutely brilliant off-road vehicle, especially if you have heavy loads to contend with. But something lighter like a Hi Lux may be a better option on softer ground or with lighter loads.

You'll save a lot if you do a lot of your own maintenance and stick to the manufacturer's service schedule.

The injector, engine, alternator and gearbox are expensive to rebuild, not unusual for a diesel.

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Review Date: 3rd March, 2003