1992 Toyota Landcruiser GXL 4.0L 3F


A reliable, capable and comfortable vehicle


Transmission rebuild at 160000kms (rear engine seal started leaking soon after).

Fuel pump seals failed at 220000kms causing a large oil leak (new pump).

Front diff rebuild at 230000kms.

When sold:

Brake cylinder was failing.

Clutch was slipping under heavy load (i.e. towing).

Transfer was heavily worn causing lots of play and 'clunking' between gear changes.

General Comments:

The reliability of this car was unbelievable.

The engine never had any work except oil changes, plugs, leads, fuel pump and tune up.

Gearbox was not reliable long term.

Constant 4WD was the cause of the transfer wear.

Travelled around Australia twice and never missed a beat.

Only stuck on the roadside once because of a very dirty load of fuel (not the cars fault!!!).

Currently live on a sand island off the coast of East Australia, therefore it got plenty of beach and sand work.

Body was in perfect condition, no rust e.t.c.

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Review Date: 2nd July, 2001

1992 Toyota Landcruiser DX 4.2 naturally aspirated diesel


Don't pay 50,000 for a new one, get an 80 series. I guarantee it will do the same job for half the $


Spare wheel becomes hard to get out from underneath the car eventually.

Car has been recalled to have the brakes redone by Toyota.

First flat battery at 120,000km/h (that's the original!)

Back end bottomed out, ripped the back left hand plastic type bumper and mudguards off. Still like that at the moment, no need to replace them.

At 100000km/h a new exhaust line was required due to corrosion and 4x4ing.

General Comments:

Never misses a beat.

Starts first time every time.

Cheap to run.

Goes everywhere.

No leaks, breaks etc.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2001

5th Feb 2005, 14:41

Can it really be "cheap" to run a 4 litre engine, allbeit a diesel?

19th Nov 2007, 20:09

Terrible fuel economy. Sad because $210 for 800km is not going to cut the mustard and I have to sell. Tough truck, but unless I sit on 90km/h I get well over 15ltr per 100km. With diesel $150 a litre it's not worth it. Nissan X Trail here I come.

23rd Nov 2009, 23:42

I currently own both X-trail 2.5 petrol and LC80 diesel, and I can tell you, they are both two different cars, and for different uses.

The X-trail is economic but not cheap on petrol. I could say on a trip I could spend $75 on the X-trail, and $100 on the LC80, but mostly on long trips, I take LC80, the reason is simple: I need to take more people, and more baggage, sitting 4 people in a X-trail, on trails for 5 hours is a nightmare, but the LC80 can take 6 with ease, people arrive their destination, get off the truck, play, and back to home, happy.

But I won't take the LC80 for mall shopping.