1985 Toyota MasterAce Surf (4WD) 2.0 turbo diesel


Practical, reliable, economical - a road mate!


- Glow plugs gone around 180.000.

- Diesel pump needed replacement at around 200.000km.

- Radiator 75% blockage around 220.000km.

- Fuel gage works funny: Full tank shows as empty and then from half tank down shows correctly.

- Rust built up a bit (OZ lifestyle to blame I guess)

- Increasing oil leak since a while now, have to check that soon...

General Comments:

Well, I did 270.000 km in 6 years on this van and it never - not once! - let down.

Very economic engine, between 9 and 10lt per 100km.

Not the fastest thing out there but suits well the Australian speed limits - max speeds here are 110km/h.

7 seats: all seats fold creating a huge horizontal area. Seats come off very easy too. Plenty of room for a small van.

High and Low 4wd ranges. Not a "real" 4wd because it lacks the clearance but otherwise very good on sandy patches where a 2wd van just gets stuck.

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Review Date: 16th November, 2008

23rd Mar 2015, 20:37

How much did the diesel fuel pump repair cost?

1993 Toyota MasterAce Estima


Poor fuel economy. Many of the optional extras proved to be a joke.

General Comments:

As a people mover, this model served as the prototype for better examples that followed.

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Review Date: 9th February, 2005